AX08 Laboratory Peripheral

This is a DEC AX08 Laboratory Peripheral manufactured on October 28th 1970, serial number 327. It has the following functions 9 bit multiplexed input analog to digital (A/D) converter with up to 24 input channels, crystal and R/C clocks, up to 3 adjustable Schmitt trigger pulse input, up to 8 digital pulse inputs, and up to 4 digital outputs. It also had a point plot display output. Digital first started selling these units in 1967.

The point plot output was used to drive an oscilloscope. Later X/Y deflection monitors like VR14 were used. The display is generated by the processor specifying an 9 bit X and Y location and then requesting that a spot be drawn on the CRT at that location. It then repeates this process to draw the entire display with out of a bunch of dots. On the VR14 link above are pictures and videos of the display from the similar VC8E point plot display for the PDP-8/E. The entire display would need to be redrawn at a 30-60Hz rate to prevent flicker.

The successive approximation  (more) type of A/D converter uses a digital to analog (D/A) converter as part of its operation. To save cost the same D/A converter is used for the analog to digital converter and the point plot display. The AX08 gives precedence to the A/D conversion so the point plot display can't be refreshed while an A/D conversion was in process.

The timing of the AX08 is either controlled by a crystal clock with a period of 100 microseconds or a RC clock with an adjustable period of 20 microseconds to 2 Seconds in 11 ranges. These clocks can be used for software timing and be used as the A/D converter sample clock.

The Schmitt trigger digital pulse inputs have an adjustable threshold of -.5 to -2.5 volts and a .7 volt hysteresis. A bit in a register is set when they cross the lower threshold generate an interrupt to the processor if enabled. The 8 "contingency" inputs set bits in the external register when they are at ground.

AX08 Documentation

AX08 Specifications
Size (HeightxWidthxDepth) 10.5x19x18.75
Weight TBD
Power Type 728 or 779 Power supply
10V TBD A, -15V TBD A
Operating Temperature 0 to 50C
A/D Converter Specifications
Word Length 9 bits
Type Successive approximation
Accuracy +- 1/2 LSB +- .2%
Speed <= 17 microseconds
Sample & Hold Speed full scale track
in 2 microseconds
Input +-1.024V full scale
50K input impedance
Speed <= 17 microseconds
Format 2's complement
Input Channels 4 standard
24 maximum
Point Plot Specifications
Resolution 9 bits
Intensity Control 1 bit standard
3 bits optional
X & Y Output 0 to -10V
Intensity Output TBD