PDP-8 Archive

The PDP-8 Archive is available at ftp.pdp8online.com. It contains images of PDP-8 disks and tapes, software to use these images such as PDP-8 dump and restore programs and other PDP-8 related material.

Most of the PDP-8 images from the ftp site are browsable in the following directories. The web interface allows the contents of the images to be viewed and downloaded.

The following images may also be searched

 Image Name  Description 
 misc_dectapes DEC distribution tapes for various versions of OS/8 and RTS/8 and other stuff.  
misc_floppy Images of miscellaneous floppies, many for an inspection system.
os8 Images of OS/8 media found from PDP-8 and PDP-12 systems.
os8/DECmate_I These images were created for a DECmate I with 8" RX02 floppy drives
jby Contains OS/8 and TSS/8 files, the .rk05 are PDP-10 tapes coped by pip10 to rk05 image.
dms Disk monitor system on DECtape.
Hachti_lab8e_dectapes These tapes are images of the DECtapes that came with Philipp Hachtmann's lab-8/e
dial Images of DIAL LINCtapes used on a PDP-12
os8l Images of OS/8 LINCtapes used on a PDP-12
dmsl Disk monitor system on LINCtape.
reder/dial Images of Steve Reder's DIAL LINCtapes used on a PDP-12
reder/dms Images of Steve Reder's DMS DECtapes
reder/os8 Images of Steve Reder's OS/8 DECtapes
reder/os8l Images of Steve Reder's OS/8 LINCtapes used on a PDP-12

About green bar paper

These images can be used with the online PDP-8 or they can be used with PDP-8 emulators such as
SIMH emulator (Unix & Windows source)
Douglas W. Jones emulator (Unix source)
WinEight emulator (Windows)
PDP-8/E emulator (Apple Macintosh)