My Computing History at VCF East 11 (2016)

The Vintage Computer Federation hosted the Vintage Computer Festival East 2016.

This year I decided to do something different and present my and some of my family's personal computing history instead of my normal PDP-8 display. The history progression was my grandfather's and father's slide rules, then parents' adding machines, the OSI computer used in high school, our first PC, and my wife's first computer, an AT&T 3B1. Also had a collection of manuals and documentation showing how you figured out how to operate the equipment and software. Also had one of my grandfather's math books with the tables of values of log, trig, and other math functions showing another way math was done, look it up in a book.

My normal PDP-8 display isn't really part of my computing history. I picked one up in college but it was just an interesting play toy. Some of the PDP-8's I have were used by my Uncle at Kent School.

See history information that was displayed behind the exhibit

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